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The Big Life Journal – A Review

My passion and role as a Holistic Life Coach is to help people work out what areas of their life that are needing attention and to be bought back into balance. In-order to do this we use many tools to assess all the different aspects that contribute to that person’s life as a whole, ie what is happening in their career, health, family, relationships, self-awareness, being able to set and achieve goals, motivation, level of happiness, stress levels and management, a sense of purpose, negative and positive mindsets, frustrations, low moods, anxiety levels to list a few..

Often we just need someone to show us the way forward, learn new skills and tools to be able to grow and make better decisions, support, encouragement, find creative solutions or help to find what their goal to happiness or purpose is and plot the route to get there. Sometimes, it requires the over-writing of old erroneous programs or self-beliefs, stored in our sub-conscious minds that was taught and repeatedly said to us from our very early childhood growing up. As adults we have then developed our sense of identity, our perception of ourselves and the world around us.

It can be very difficult as adults to address the magnitude of layers on layers that have built-up contributing to a-lot of negative thoughts and mindsets, decisions, self-image, negative self-talk, self-worth, confidence, capabilities, self-sabotage, motivation, over-coming challenges, stress, unhappiness and feeling stuck in life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if instead we as responsible, caring and loving parents we could be a good role model, provide support and try our best to coach our children towards a life of success and confidence. It may also start to shift your own thinking and perceptions to be more positive and find motivation (perhaps (-; )

The Big Life Journal written by Alexandra Eidens is such as powerful and inspiring journal, I would say a very powerful tool! – for young children and teens to begin to learn from a young age, while they are still developing their sense of reality and their perception of what IS the world around them to:

  • Program their sub-conscious mind with positive thoughts,
  • Aiming and achieving their goals and dreams,
  • Setting positive and good habits,
  • Developing resilience and a positive growth mindset,
  • Facing and over-coming life challenges,
  • Positive self-talk and respect,
  • Understanding how their mind works and how to shift from a negative mindset to a positive one.
  • There are so many inspiring quotes, tools, exercises, affirmations, fun and easy learning and education for them, fun activities with over a 150 pages of ideas.
  • There is the Big Life Journal for kids aged 7-10 and also a NEW Teen edition for ages 11+

Children are growing up in a world saturated with technological devices and some parents are doing their best to limit harmful and unsuitable exposure on social media, downloads and games – but almost impossible to eliminate it.

I bought my 13 year old son one for Christmas, and am super excited to start sharing and going through the book with him. It couldn’t have come at a better time, since the teenage years is a very busy time for them. They are undergoing physical changes, emotional changes, social changes and relationship changes, it can be very overwhelming and confusing times.

The Big Life Journal Teen Edition was so popular this Christmas it completely sold -out! and orders are being placed on back-order for shipping to start at end of January! You can still purchase an e-book version ( which is less, but I feel the hardcover book is much nicer and practical to give as a gift and they can draw, write notes and fill-out the exercise themselves).

The reviews for this book and many of the other products available have been such a success with very high reviews. Out of the 69 reviews so far, 67 people have rated the Teen Edition for example, which is relatively new with 5 stars and 2 with 4 stars. That is pretty awesome going!

They also have a wonderful selection of posters, printable PDF’s, templates and items you can purchase through their shop other than the journals. It has become very popular for home-schooling and teachers as teaching aids.

Parents, Grand-parents, Friends and Family I would encourage you to purchase this wonderful journal for any child you care for. To me it is a gift that says I BELIEVE in you! You CAN do this! You’ve GOT this! Go FOR it!

You can view these journals and other amazing tools at the Big Life Journal website:

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